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Elia A. (Ukraine):
Thank to the guide for the perfect tour! His stories made all of our group to fall in love in Haifa! I would recommend every tourist, who comes to Israel, not to miss this beautiful city and of course explore it with Daniel!

Susan D. (England):
Daniel gave a great tour packed with information and sprinkled with humor.

Srajal (India): 
This one is an amazing tour! Daniel is really friendly and a wonderful guide. Watch him take you on a ride on the Haifa subway (which happens to be the world’s shortest subway system), then across the Panorama Promenade, Louis Promenade to the spectacular Baha’i Gardens and German Colony, showing you beautiful street art and taking you to some of the best Falafel, Shawarma, Coffee and Halva shops on streets. And during the entire time, he’ll keep you entertained with fun facts and even personal anecdotes related to these places. According to me, a must do tour if you are a tourist in Haifa on a Wednesday!

Dima T. (Israel):
The tour was amazing) Secrets of Baha’i garden, delicious sampling in Arab market… Daniel, thank you)

Julie W. (USA):
Thank you for an outstanding 4 hour tour of Haifa. I learned so much about this wonderful city from you. I loved the stories, the sights, the sounds, the smells, the tastes and the beauty of Haifa. I’ve been on many tours in my life and this was unquestionably one of the very best!!!

Daria S. (Russia):
Thank you for the tour. It was very interesting and impressive! We spent a nice time, got a lot of positive emotions. The Haifa is wonderful and your stories are amazing. I have travelled a lot but I’ve not got for a long time such bright impressions about the guide! It was awesome! Thank you very much.

Hannah B. (Germany):
I really loved your tour! It was so much fun! And it was great that you gave us the chance to see the Baha’i gardens on Wednesday! Thanks for this very special VIP Tour 😉
Please continue just like you did it! Loved it!

Haike W. (Israel):
Even if you live for many years in Israel…it’s never too late to join the Free tour in Haifa. I enjoyed it very much. Going up with the Carmelit, meeting new people, Louis promenade with an amazing viewpoint…and yes, we saw the Hermon mountain. Going down the Baha’i gardens as VIP, visiting the German colony, having coffee and falafel in Wadi Nisnas! Find yourself a free Wednesday!!!

Xiaochen S (USA):
Great info on the history, the paces, and even some personal stuff!

Chelle S (USA):
Amazing tour guide. I learned things about Haifa, the Baha’i, etc that no other guide ever told me. Highly, highly recommended.

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January 2022